Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Sunday was such a hard day, I cant remember the last time I cried that much. I had to say goodbye or better yet "see you later" to all my friends from church. They have all become like family and I am so sad to be leaving them. If they all had their way I would be staying here forever! I said goodbye to all my primary kids, hardest thing ever! If you know me then you know I get attached to kids quite easily. Then to the Rassmussen's who were nice enough to host a going away BBQ for me. It was lots of fun and also very hard. I have gotten so close to everyone who was there, they really have been my family while I have been away. Let's just say I will be making many visits back to NY! Thanks everyone for the great friendships and fun memories! I will miss you all tons!

Me and Joanne Reyes

Me and the McComb boys, Mattew and Gabriel.. ya Matthew is 11 and taller than me how sad is that!

Me and Jazmyn Reyes

Me and Brianna Ellis

Me and Kathy Vorwick, I served with her in the primary. I love this lady to death!

Michele, me, and Kathy. The best ladies I have ever met. They made being the in primary so fun!

The girls, Kira and Brianna, wrote me little goodbye notes on the chalkboard, yes I cried! :(

Kathy, Me, Rachel, and Barta at the BBQ

Ian, Me, Natalie and John Ellis... I know my face is retarded.. they were making me laugh.

Me and Teo

Charles, Me, Ryan and Katie Allen, and baby Carter


Saturday we went into Astoria, in Queens, and had lots of fun! We started at Neptune Diner for dinner and had some delicious Greek platters. I had a gyro platter which was pretty much way yummy! After dinner we walked around Asotria, for those of you who have never heard of it, its kind of like a Greek version of Chinatown and Little Italy. Anyway.. we walked around and found another little cafe for dessert. I love this place and being able to try all sorts of new food whenever I go out. I am going to miss it so so so much!!

Me and Ejona at dinner.

Teo and Donna

Donna and Ejona

Donna giving Teo a friendly punch in the face haha

Monday, July 20, 2009

More race pictures!!

So I found some pictures from my race, they are a lot better than the ones I got. check them out :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Road Runners

This weekend was my race 4 mile race in Central Park and it was a blast! I did it was some friends from church, Rachel, Katie and Ryan Allen. We all did really well and met our goal times. My official time was 41:05 which is right around the time I wanted, I was so happy I made it! There was well over 9,000 people entered in the race it was nuts! It was fun passing (and being passed by some) people in the race and just enjoy the sites of Central Park!

Rachel, Katie, and me at the finish line... Hooray we made it!

Headed to Central Park.. don't we look pumped!?!


After.... we were so hot and tired! It was a hot and humid day.. not so great for trying to run a race.

I'm an official New York Road Runner!! Go me :)

Habana Outpost

Friday night I went with some friends to Habana Outpost in Brooklyn it was sooo good!! It has delicious Cuban food and the cool part about it is the restaurant is so small and it is solar powered, your order your food inside and its made outside in a little truck! Its pretty well known and its a fun place. As you can see from the pictures we had a good time! It was date night for the Rasmussen's and Hunters and Teo and I crashed their date night to tag along.. thanks guys for letting us crash your night out!! :)

The whole group: Me, Christy, Rachel, Charles, Ian, and Teo.

We know we take good pictures :)

The guys decided to reinact and make fun of how us girls take pictures... I think its safe to say they did a good job!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Parasailing in Hawaii

When we went parasailing we had the guy on the boat take pictures for us, so here are some the pics he took, he did a lot better than we could have.

Taking off the back of the boat

500 feet in the air... it was so sweet!

Taking a dip!

View of Oahu

I had to add this one.. I'm pretty proud of my cherry stem tying skills, i know its impressive :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th!

I hope everyone had as great of a 4th of July as I did! I hung out with the Rasmussen's for the day. We went to the beach in the afternoon and got some sun then headed to the Staten Island Yankees game for some baseball and fireworks. The game was lots of fun and we got to see the Macy's fireworks as well as the stadium's fireworks. I had a lots of fun, thanks Rasmussen's for letting me tag along all day! :)

Christy and Kira enjoying some cotton candy at the park!

View from our seats, I love the NY skyline from across the harbor its so cool!

SI Yankees, never thought I would hear the words "Go Yankees" coming from my mouth!

Me, Rachel, and Christy at the beach